PTSD & Trauma Consultancy
Our consultants are professionals with trauma & PTSD expertise who provide trauma & PTSD related consultation services to individuals, family members, and other professionals.
Training: Seminars & Webinars
We offer comprehensive and specific training sessions that are tailored to suit the needs of our clients. Our trainings are geared towards developing practical and theoretical skills.
PTSD & Trauma Clinical Services
We offer clinical services to individuals & groups. Our service is a professional relationship design to help individuals understand and work through their stress or traumatic experience.
Projects and Initiatives
O’Neth Group is actively engaged in a wide range of projects and initiatives designed to improve the awareness, understanding and treatment of trauma and trauma related disorders.

Forging a path to recovery from Trauma & PTSD.

Company Overview

O’Neth Group is a traumatology firm dedicated to helping individuals optimize their mental health. Our work is driven by our commitment to combating stress and trauma related problems through education, advocacy and research-based interventions.